Monday, January 15, 2007


Some of you know; some of you don't. (Let's not pretend I was ever great about keeping in touch!)

Munchkin got her wish; her little SISTER is due in June of 2007! (My apologies to the little one for airing her private business to the world!)

Roberto was pulling for a boy, but I think Munchkin's will was stronger.

Also: It took me five years to forget how exhausting it is to be pregnant. It may take me another five.


Lisa said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations!

southerngirl said...


just found you, and i'm so glad things are going well for you!

congrats on the newest munchkin, and come around more often if ya can, will ya?


KDF said...

Tam, great news. :) Funny how time makes you forget all that stuff about pregnancy, labor, delivery, newborn all-nighters...

Oh, um, never mind. It wasn't so bad. What? :)

AlanBoss said...


This is AlanBoss from Dave's blog. KDF posted the link there and made the announcement. Congrats!

And for once in my life, I'm FIRST somewhere!

Munchkin's Mama said...


Sorry, AlanBoss... moderated comments... but... you... were... the first one I approved! Yeah! That's it!

Thanks, everybody!

Kafaleni said...

Hey, I'm late to just about everything, but congrats, sweetie!!

Now I know where you are, I'll have to come and make sure I stay in touch!

*hugs* Kaf

KDF said...

Happy Mother's Day, TRWC! :)