Sunday, December 03, 2006

4 Wedding Pics

Hey, that back-of-the-head looks familiar!

It's PUNKYYYY! I'm making that face because the photographer wouldn't take the pic of me planting a giant smooch on her cheek. Denied.

Mommy & Baby

Candid photography!
Thank you, photographer! Thank you, Munchkin! Thank you muito, Punky! And thank you, dude-who-married-me! MWAH!


Munchkin's Mama said...

Muito obrigada, KDF & Leets!

Lisa said...

Beautiful Tamara, in beautiful gown, with beautiful munchkin and beautiful new hubby!

Congrats and Best Wishes on your marriage and your new little miracle!

Bumble said...

Congrats, Tamara! I wish you all possible joy.

Meanie the Blue said...

Wow! Who's that dynamite-looking couple?

Congratulations and lots of luck to all of the Rhymes With Cameras, young and younger.

Kibby F5 said...


insomniac said...


Munchkin's Mama said...

HEY! Good to see everybody!!

Thanks, y'all!

WriterDude said...

Well, you have been busy. I feel like such a slacker. My walls are still white, even the ones I just built.

Seriously, congratulations and felicidades all around. Good to see your pixels again.

rita said...

How wonderful! A wedding and another little girl. Little girls are the best.