Friday, December 01, 2006

2006, 12/01 - Hi!

Where have we BEEN?!


First, there was: the standard amount of cuteness you have come to expect from the Munchkin.

Then, a house was purchased, and walls were painted green. (Sorry, no pic.)

Then, there was a wedding!

And a flowergirl!

Then, there was a honeymoon. (Also no pics.)

And, most recently, there was a first-ever major haircut.

Followed by a donation to Locks of Love.

And then I didn't know where to find the USB cord to my digital camera for a really long time. And then I found it when I was actually left alone one night because the husband had a late gig and I can't stay up late anymore because my body can't handle it because it is working over-time to incubate a new little munchkin. And that's how you have new pics today, and that's pretty much it for the update!

But also:

Munchkin: [enters room, arms outstretched] "Iiiiit's MEEE, you ollld poop!"
[quoting Katharine Hepburn's character in "On Golden Pond", thank you very much, yes, she's adorable, and I will be keeping her.]


Leetie said...

HOLY CRAP! Tamara, you've been busy! Three times congratulations!

KDF said...

Holy sweet updates.

Tam! "Congrats" doesn't really seem to cut it, but it's all I can muster while I sit here totally speechless.

I. Am. Thrilled for you, and your husband, and Munchkin, and Punky, and the mini-munchkin-who-is-incubating. (WOW!!!)

And of course, your green walls. I'm happy for them, too.

Have some water, honey. I'll have a mojito for you. :)

Higgy said...

WOW - major update! Teach me to only stop by here once a month! Many, many congrats!