Monday, June 12, 2006

2006, 06/12 - Baby's First Recital!

She loved it! She wants to do more recitals! Every day!

Tap costume

Ballet costume

Ready to go on-stage for rehearsal

Caption: The recital!

Better caption: Me, excitedly recording a moment I would 10 minutes later accidentally delete--causing massive and life-long self-hatred.

But at least I recorded the rehearsal--although not with my fancy, brand-new, expensive, bought-just-for-this-recital camcorder.

And I did successfully record her ballet performance--only lost the tap. Still...GOD!
Hate! Self!

Me, excitedly recording a moment I will NEVER EVER EVER delete.

Need to make copies. Lots and lots of copies. And hide them. In a vault. Away from stupid me!

1 comment:

Sarah O. said...

So incredibly cute and precious!

No need to worry about erased video. You'll remember every detail of this event forever.

*sigh* This is why we have kids. :-)