Thursday, June 01, 2006

2006, 06/01 - Simma down nah!

  1. I have vanilla nut coffee and several kinds of muffins and two giant croissants. HAPPY!
  2. SO! HAPPY!

Decided last night that:

  1. Munchkin is too bossy.
  2. This is my fault, because I've always thought the bossiness was cute.
  3. The bossiness is sometimes very cute--because she's just like ME!
  4. But the bossiness is no longer cute now that [drumroll for last night's epiphany]: For probably the first time ever, Munchkin and I do not actually want the same things. We're both growing up, and a little bit apart, but in a normal way. And it's hard. She's my BABY and I want her to STAY my baby. And she kinda wants to stay my baby, too. (aww) So we're both trying to boss each other into playing along with our own plans. Kinda funny, in a way.
  5. But now it's time for me to really learn how to assert my motherly authority.
  6. I guess.

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