Monday, April 03, 2006

2006, 04/03 - Doctors

  1. Oh, man! I'm hungry! Why did I let that munchkin have my breakfast?!
  2. Yesterday, I found a tiny sampler bottle of Johnson & Johnson's Baby Wash in the medicine cabinet. As I recall, it was one of many items in our "goodie bag" from the hospital--along with some formula, which--okay, don't even get me started. Anyway, I remember the first week we had Munchkin home, and we were wondering when we needed to start washing her... The Baby Wash bottle didn't have any instructions on it, so I remember thinking, "Ok, is this soap that you rinse off, or is this some kind of baby astringent?" And I was very disappointed with the answer. Soap. Borrrrinnnng!
  3. Munchkin had a sinus infection last month. And that was bad enough, but then just a week after she had finally recovered, she landed a whole new illness--this one with muscle aches, tummy ache, sore throat, congested cough, high fever. She didn't go to the doc for the sinus infection, but I took her in immediately for this thing, because I was thinking it might be Walking Pneumonia. She tested negative for Strep, so the doctor said it's "just some virus" (Wow, thanks, Doc!) and prescribed a precautionary antibiotic. (Now, I am majorly anti-medication and especially anti-antibiotics, but Munchkin's been sick for too long, and, for some reason, she just won't eat raw garlic.) So it's yummy strawberry-flavored Amoxicillin, which, I have discovered, is the SAME DAMN THING they prescribe for STREP. Why the phuck do we even test for strep if we're just gonna... I mean why even make this stuff prescription... I mean it's just... GAHHHH!
  4. I've been two parts fortunate, half-a-part smart, and another half-a-part cautious: Munchkin almost never gets sick. She's had exactly three unwell doctor visits in her five years of life--and two of those were only since she started preschool this past fall. She's been on antibiotics three times now. The first time as a fetus when my stupid doctor put me on antibiotics for a UTI which turned out to actually be an allergic reaction to a new detergent (oh, THAT'S why the UTI tests were all negative! Huh!); the second time this past fall for a possible UTI, which turned out not to be one; and then now for "just some virus".
  5. This is the last time. No more doctor visits and no more antibiotics. Both these last two visits were me being paranoid because I've had such great luck with Munchkin's health that I figured our winning streak must be about over. Well, it's not. My kid is healthy, and doctors suck.
  6. Except for dentists. It's definitely time for us to schedule another one of those visits.


Sarah O. said...

Oh, my, once they're in school they're sick all winter. Every winter. And you will catch lots of germs from Munchkin. That's just the way it is.

I do not understand why doctors bother with strep tests. Strep throat is obvious to the naked eye. Here are some photos: They're real photos and a little yucky, but not too bad.

Just my opinion, but having had strep a lot as a kid and even a few times as a mom, I do think that antibiotics are a good idea for strep. Strep is really painful and can lead to very nasty diseases. It's also highly contageous and you're likely to get it from Munchkin. Antibiotics nip strep in the bud, which is good for everyone.

kiwi0810 said...

I love how the doc rules out strep, tells you it is a virus..... and STILL dishes out a script for a penicillin.
Practise 6 minute medicine if you insist but at least make it GOOD six minute medicine.

Munchkin's Mama said...


2) HEY! You don't even show up on my hit counter! YOU'RE MAGIC!!