Tuesday, March 21, 2006

2006, 03/21 - Music

Mariposa Traicionera - ManĂ¡

Monday, March 20, 2006

2006, 03/20 - Our Speed

Friday: Munchkin & I went shopping for clothes. (Mommy has new shoes! Yay! Happy Mommy!) Munchkin was in a great mood, and she was hilarious. (Not that I'm partial or anything.) She was trying out new vocabulary words on me--continually catching me off-guard and amusing us both. The highlight of the night was when she made me sit on the floor and be her audience as she gave a show in the middle of a store, singing and dancing her little heart out. She's usually painfully shy, so when she actually musters up the courage to be herself in public, I encourage it, as long as it's not bothering anyone.

Munchkin's greatest loves are singing and dancing, and her first ballet recital is later this summer... She's excited about dancing on the stage; I'm terrified she'll develop stage-fright and the experience will be ruined for her. Ahh, motherly anxiety...

Saturday: Munchkin & I attended a birthday party at a place called Pump It Up. This place is insane. Okay? Insane. Might be good for, like, thirty-year-olds, but my little preschooler and I were SO overwhelmed. Munchkin couldn't climb some of the things herself and would not accept help from anyone except me or another little girl. So I, being Super Mom, in my silky skirt and prissy thigh-highs complete with garter belt (panty hose suck, ok?), had to help her through the obstacle-tunnel and then go down the gigantic slide with her. (Luckily, she was sitting in my lap, so HOPEFULLY my skirt did not fly up too far. At the least, I have not yet come across any incriminating photographs.) The slide was terrifying; I refused to do it again. (Literally, it was terrifying, but, if anyone asks, I was simply upset about the amount of static introduced to my skirt, 'k?) Munchkin tried the slide again, this time by herself, but she cried afterward. And who can blame her? It was scary! Then she wanted to try the other giant slide, but when she got to the top, she chickened out and started crying. I had told her I wouldn't go down any more slides, and I held firm. (For heaven's sake, my bosses were there!) So one of the workers slid down with her. She cried. Then she wanted to try it again. Got to the top and started crying. Again. Everyone else left to have cake, and I was stuck alone in the room with the giant slide and a crying Munchkin screaming at me from the top. I climbed up to get her down, and she grabbed my hand and tried to pull me down the slide with her. She ended up letting go voluntarily and sliding herself, only to cry again when she reached the bottom. I climbed back down to console her. She wanted to go up again! (Why? Haven't fulfilled your tear-quota?) But our group's turn in the room was over, so I couldn't let her go up again and test herself. Really too bad. :(

So I am never going to that place again. Ever. With a skirt on. Ever. While my bosses are there with cameras. Never. Okay, thanks; I just needed to get that out.

Afterward, we were both drained. D-R-A-I-N-E-D. But we bucked-up, procured Munchkin's bicycle from her grandparents' house, and spent some time hanging out at a local playground. THAT is much more our speed.

Munchkin's dad has a sinus infection, so, after the park, we bought some groceries and went to his place and made him some chicken noodle soup. (And I swiped back all of my STUFF that he's been forgetting to return. Bastid!) While we were there, I got to watch television! Wow! TV! And, you know what? There was nothing on. Nothing. At all. My wallet and I felt so validated!

Sunday: We did nothing. Also very much our speed. ;)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

2006, 03/04 - Quotes

1) We watched & sang & danced to "Singin' in the Rain" almost every night this week and several times this morning. It went back to the video store today, and when we got back home, we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves. We kept singing snippets to each other but weren't able to pop in the dvd for reference.

Mama: [perched on the edge of the couch, eyes sweeping the room] What are we going to do now, without "Singin' in the Rain"?
Munchkin: I don't know!
Mama: [sigh]
Munchkin: I miss it!
Mama: Me, too!
[dramatic sobbing, gnashing of teeth, etc, ok, not really]

2) Very cool Munchkin-quote, to a bossy classmate: "Just go do it yourself."

2b) It has come out that Munchkin, though shy, is no pushover with her classmates. She is occasionally bossy herself, and often assertive. When she's not sure, she just plays by herself.

2c) I am pleased to see that her natural personality ("choleric," ref: http://oneishy.com/personality/choleric_strengths.php) comes through in spite of her over-protected only-child shyness.

2d) My response to Munchkin's "very cool" quote: YOU GO, GIRL!

3) Random Munchkin-quote: "You're gonna be so excited, your foot's gonna blow off!"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hey, kids:

I don't post here often because I want to be careful not to give too many details about my kiddo.

For those of you who've been checking in multiple times daily (you flatter us), I recommend signing up with http://blogrolling.com/. It'll let you know when the blogs you list have been updated. (As long as they have enabled RSS-aggravatorialgravitygravydestabilizators--which I have.)