Monday, February 27, 2006

2006, 02/27 - Reese's

1. Turn off your computer and RUN/SPRINT/FLEE/FLY/SCRAMBLE to your local grocery store. The candy section. Find it! Hurry! Now, look for a yellow box or bag bearing the words: "Reese's Pieces GONE NUTS: PEANUTS and peanut butter!" If you cannot find this candy, track down the store manager and MUTILATE him/her!


1c. Someone brought two boxes to work and left them in the snack room. Usually this means they are for general consumption, but I didn't bother to double-check. Those boxes are mine. And if more show up, they will be mine, too.

1d. And if I were an airport screener, I would allow you into the terminal with your handgun if you offered me a box of this candy.

2. I painted all weekend long. I hadn't painted in eons. Eons of eons. And you know what?

2b. Painting is like crack-cocaine.

2c. Actually, CREATING is like crack-cocaine. Any chance I get to CREATE something lately, I run with it. Painting, learning guitar, writing, trying a new recipe, whatever. I am enjoying CREATING as if it were sex. And creating via sex is fun, too, but that's not where I'm at right now.

3. Munchkin and I watched "Singin' in the Rain" about 50 times this weekend. We still like "An American in Paris" better, but... The first time you watch "Singin' in the Rain", you think, "Gawd, how corny!" Only, it gets better and better with every viewing, so that by the 30th viewing, you're ready to build a time machine so you can go back and have Gene Kelly's babies.

4. I'm not going to take a vow of celibacy or anything, but I am really enjoying my independence lately. Really, really, really.

5. My sinus infection is getting better, but Munchkin's is not. And her dad keeps giving her sugar, which only makes it worse. So I guess he can pay the doctor's bill.

5b. Munchkin also seems to be developing cavities. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

5c. PoorMunchkin. :(

5d. But she's doing spectacularly at school. She's beginning to get past her shyness and really make friends. ...I am swelling with a mixture of pride and relief.

5e. Children. Are. Spectacular.


Leetie said...

*admiring your swelling*

How do you find time to paint? I've been craving it!

Sometimes the cavity thing is just genetic. Plus, baby teeth are pretty soft and easily pitted. Does she drink alot of bottled or well water as opposed to city tap water? Bottled has no fluoride.

There's an "Act" fluoride rinse thingy for kids which might help.


Munchkin's Mama said...

1. How do I find time to paint? Well, if I took a picture of my living room, dining table, and kitchen sink today, you'd have a pretty good idea! I even had Munchkin call her dad and ask him if he'd drop something off for dinner--so that I wouldn't have to stop painting and go grocery-shopping.

1b. Maybe that's naughty, but I think handing Munchkin a box of Cheerio's and putting her in front of the tv would have been worse.

1c. She painted with me, by the way. With her own paints and on her own paper. She kept coming over to look at my work so she could try to recreate it herself--very cute.

2. Cavities! ARGH! We used to buy bottled water that contained flouride, but I stopped because I was skeptical about it actually making a difference. I never had any trouble with my own teeth as a kid, [I do now, but I didn't as a kid!] so I do not understand the trouble we have had with Munchkin's teeth--ever since they first came in! She brushes every night; she doesn't eat many sweets--at least not on my watch; she drinks tap water at school; and her dad actually flosses her teeth, in spite of their perfect spacing... It HAS to be genetic; it just has to be! Anyway, we'll have the ol' dentist take a look as soon as this sinus infection is licked.

{{I wish I knew more about teeth!}}

*HUGS* back! :) Thanks, Leets!

Sarah O. said...


Sounds like you and Munchkin had a delightful weekend!

I agree with leets on the cavity business. Genetics are so powerful. I can't imagine that you're doing anything wrong!

Kids are so cool. Glad you're loving watching your little girl developing into the wonderful person she will ultimately be.