Friday, January 06, 2006

2006, 01/06b - Weird Al

Do you remember "The Weird Al Show"? On CBS, Sunday mornings? In 1997?

I skipped teaching my Sunday School class of first graders at least once so I could watch it. ...Good times...

Well, I remember it, and that's what counts. And it's coming to DVD this year, people!

For your salivary pleasure, a "clip" (from

Announcer: If you thought there were no more natural disasters left to make a movie about, you thought wrong. 60% Chance of Rain, the most horrifying new movie of the season. The weather got out of hand.
Mayor: We can't go starting a panic, not during tourist season!
Announcer: Only one man had the courage--
Deputy Al: Mr. Mayor, I don't care what happens to your tourist season! Someone needs to tell these people that they might need a jacket!
Announcer: To bring Mother Nature to her knees...
Deputy Al: C'mon, people, let's go! Everybody in the rec room! We don't know what we're in for. C'mon inside, everybody!
Announcer: When the barometric pressure increases, so does the terror.
Boy: So we don't even know if it's gonna rain?
Deputy Al: No, son, we don't.
Announcer: 60% Chance of Rain. Coming soon to a theater near you, maybe.

I practically wet my pants reading that. (Practically?) That's comedy, people. (The pants wetting?) Shut up.

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