Thursday, December 08, 2005


Reasons For Not Updating:

1) Been having much trouble with Blogspot lately.

2) No time! Not appropos to update a website while at work! (whoops...)

3) Most of the funny stuff between Munchkin and myself lately has been of the more physical and ?auditory? varieties. Very difficult to explain so that it still sounds funny.

3b) Example: Last night, I had on headphones while I did the dishes and while Munchkin played with her piano. I constantly interrupted her by singing and dancing and being silly. She laughed her booty off.

3b.2) Night before last, I was tucking Munchkin into bed and listening to her telling me about something that had happened at school. I pulled all my hair forward, twisted it together, and covered my nose with it. She thought it was hilarious and kept laughing so hard she couldn't finish her story. I kept repeating, "WHAT is so FUNNY? Stop laughing! Some of us are TRYING to listen to your STORY!" Which made her laugh even harder. She was repeating this to me this morning at breakfast; it was a big hit.

3c) See? Those were only funny to US! Ya had to be there.

But! I have found some Munchkin-Mama convos on my old blog, which I shall re-find and transfer here. You'll have to make due with those until we start being more conventionally funny again.

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