Thursday, December 08, 2005


(These are taken from my old blog.)

Christmas 2004 Highlight:

"We'd left chocolates out for Santa, so I showed Munchkin that he had eaten one & taken bites out of two others, and she was really excited. Then we brought out her stocking, and she started taking things out, one at a time, until she pulled out the video, "Max & Ruby's Christmas" and dropped it and started crying and hid her face on the floor. Sobbing, actually. And we all panicked: What happened?! What's wrong?! Turns out she has that video at her grandparents' house, so she thought Santa screwed up or hadn't been paying attention very well. She was heart-broken!! So was I!! But we convinced her he wanted her to have one for home too, and Christmas continued, and Munchkin doesn't hate Santa. Whew!!!"

November 29, 2004:

"Today, Munchkin wanted to talk about "falling in love." She asked, 'what does love look like, when you're inside it? You know, when you fall in love?' Ha, literal interpretation! I love it! So of course I told her "falling in love" is what you call it when you are discovering for the first time that you love someone. So the rest of the evening, she talked to me about how she "falled in love" with me. (Awwww!!) And she told me that she was going to fall in love with someone and grab 'em and marry 'em! Probably a bunch of that is crap that was fed to her by one of her aunts today, but it was still cute, and she was excited about the idea. She is the sweetest."

Also November 29, 2004, but this one's not nice if you're religious!! WARNING; scroll down to the asterisks!!!:

"My mother-in-law is teaching Munchkin about God. Ugh. Three and a half years of shielding my impressionable child from religion...down the f*ing drain. I thought letting her watch & sing bible songs was bad enough! Now I have to make up harmless-sounding answers to her queries about The Lord, in case she parrots what I say back to her zealous grandmother (who doesn't know I'm an atheist--or didn't till now!)... Munchkin says, "God is real, and he watches over little children and protects them!" And I want to say, "Actually, God is an Idea, and Mommy watches over you and protects you. If there even is a god, he doesn't protect anybody, he just gives them a place to go after they die. So try not to waste your life away worrying about someone who will never, ever personally acknowledge you while your body is still breathing." Damn deities... First Santa comes in trying to take all the credit for my paycheck's worth of Xmas toys, now God is trying to horn in on a child's love for the person who protects her? God is such a bitch. Munchkin, well known for being painfully shy, also says, "I don't think I like God. He's ugly because of his grey beard. And I don't want to meet him, because I'm shy." While I get the sharp pangs in my heart because she says things like that just out of shyness (I'm a BAD BAD mother for not having her socialized yet!), I also get a sick sort of pleasure out of hearing her say she doesn't like God and that he's ugly."

*********End of naughty words*************************

August 9, 2004:

"Munchkin (who turned 3 years old this past April) said the cutest thing! Last night, for her bedtime story, I was reading to her from a book of poetry, as I had done the night before. And I believe I was trying out some William Blake on her, when she turned to me, reached for my arm, and looked up at me with her big, beautiful, hazel eyes and said, "Mommy, now read some John Keats." She's a genius!!!! Everybody do the Happy Dance!! "


Sarah McAndrews said...

these stories of your daughter make me miss you terribly!!!
hugs and kisses!

Munchkin's Mama said...


I FINALLY got to hear Libra Stash--

Your voice! Oh my gawd! AWESOME!!

THAT is why *I* never wanted to do choir; my voice is *nothing* like that! ROCK ON, GIRLIE!!