Monday, November 14, 2005

2005, 11/14 - Bedtime

Daughter: [age 4.5 & finally in bed] Mommyyyy!
Me: [stuffing laundry into washing machine] A'll beeee rite theyerrrrr!

Daughter: Why do you talk like that?
Me: I don't know; I guess I think I'm funny.
Daughter: [admonishing tone] God gave you a nice voice; I want to hear you use it.
Me: [raising eyebrows amusedly] Where'd you hear that?
Daughter: My teachers... Mimi... Everybody!
Me: [thinking Hmm, maybe it's finally time to introduce her to the concept of Atheism] Well, who's God, anyway?
Daughter: He's just a person.
Me: [peasant impersonation] Well I didn't vote for 'im!
Daughter: What?
Me: Nothing, nothing, sorry.

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